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Global experience
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Public Private Partnership


Real Estate

Specialising in infrastructure

Airports and

Altra Capital has a multi-skilled and multi-sectoral team that specialises in transportation and aviation infrastructure


Altra Capital has a significant experience in the rail sector, in the planning and delivery of passenger, freight and metro projects.

Roads, ports, mass
transit & logistics

Significant projects to have been undertaken by our team include ports, roads, intermodal infrastructure and logistics projects

Social infrastructure

Projects that touch citizens’ lives so directly need a careful consideration over and above that normally needed for PPP projects

Water, waste
and energy

Transforming public services

PPP can bring real and tangible benefits to countries with infrastructure requirements

Public-private partnerships

The competitive climate

All countries looking at doing PPP are in competition for a limited international pool of adivsers, capital and operators

Adapting successful models

Altra capital’s has been involved in modern PPP since its introduction over 20 years ago is proactive in the internationalisation of the concept

Strategy, structuring
and financing

The team consists of senior experts who together bring decades of experience in practical delivery of PPP projects

The PPP book

Public-Private Partnerships Unbundled

Building confidence

Supporting development

We have extensive experience in acting internationally as development managers in every sense of the word

Real estate services

Our objective is to maximise the value created at each stage of each real estate project and infrastructure development

Project management

Altra Capital’s principles bring experience and an excellent track record of providing clear leadership to complex major projects

Getting results

Our expertise is built on observing differences in business cultures in mature economies and among developing nations

Delivering sustainable benefits

At Altra Capital we realise that managers have to get results from the strategies we put forward


Business planning

Altra Capital promotes imaginative combinations of management, financial and planning techniques

Business technology services

We enable organisations to improve their bottom line, improving organisational and operational efficiencies

Creating value

The Project Manager will understand the totality of a client’s objectives and will encapsulate these such that the optimum outcome can be reached

Managing process

We work with out clients to optimist their investment and engender confidence that projects are delivered on time, within budget and at the expected level of quality

Delivering success

Providing leadership

Altra Capital’s principles bring experience and an excellent track record of providing clear leadership to complex major projects

Innovation, expertise and partnership

We have developed financing structures to source available funds that can be applied to unusual and demanding situations

Investment and financial advisory services

Our investment and financial services provide a comprehensive offering to both the public and the private sectors

Meeting investors’ expectations

We provide business plans and investment material that meets the standards that investors expect

International and
Islamic finance

Islamic finance

We are comfortable looking at conventional structures and considering Islamic Finance approaches to projects

Global experience where it is needed

We pride ourselves in the experience and worldwide expertise of our team

Legal services

Our Legal Team

We do not field junior lawyers on projects, only those with an in-depth experience that is suited to the project currently being dealt with

A client’s perspective

Appointing professional advisers requires competent scoping and skilful drafting

Supporting Government

Our legal team is actively involved in technical assistance to achieve optimal
private sector participation in infrastructure and public service delivery

John Davie


Our Team

Geoff Maynard

Managing Director

Tony Smith

Director, Legal Services

Patricia Leahy

Director, Public Sector Governance & Strategy

Stephen Harris

Director, PPP

Lisa Rickards

Director, Commercial

Rossen Kolev

Head of Project Management

Lloyd Schultz

Head of Investment Banking

Neil Hendry

Head of Real Estate

Richard Gayle

Head of Business Technology Services

James Davie

Director, Latin America

Sean Amoroso

Head of Facilities Management Advisory

Selected projects