• Adapting Successful Models

    Our team has worked with over 75 countries around the world taking forward their PPP agendas. We have extensive experience of devising and implementing PPP and infrastructure projects internationally.

    Many experts have only worked in mature markets. Altra Capital also has developing economy exposure, offering far greater insight into modifying PPPs to new and challenging situations. We adapt this experience and successfully use the knowledge in developed markets. We are uniquely placed to offer our PPP advice in emerging economies, bringing its global experience wherever it is needed.

    Members of the Altra Capital team have worked with the UK Treasury, Partnerships UK, World Bank, EBRD, UNESCAP, UNDP, UNECE, USAID, Asian Development Bank, the PPS Unit in Mexico, South Africa, Jordan, the Turkish Privatisation Unit, the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Office, the Department of Economic Affairs in India, the Ministry of Labour in Saudi Arabia and many others.