• Getting Results

    The aim of Altra Capital’s strategy consultancy is to help clients appreciate the risks and opportunities facing businesses, governments and other groups. Altra Capital provides clients with an improved understanding of the political and economic climate in which they operate.

    There will probably never be a single unified theory of strategy. Academics and some consultants slice up realty to fit their theories. At Altra Capital we realise that managers cannot allow themselves such luxuries; they have to get results from the strategies we put forward.

    In developed economies this primarily concerns internal organization and performance. In developing and transition economies this can involve a more wide-ranging set of challenges.

    The Altra Capital strategy consultancy draws on the team’s expertise from assignments in more than 75 countries: expertise built on observing differences in business cultures in mature economies and among developing nations. This diversity of experience enables our professionals to successfully collaborate with different cultures, ideologies and procedures.